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Life Purpose Readings

Are you feeling lost and
seeking Clarity for your Lifes true purpose?

Do you hear yourself saying
“Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?”

You know you are here to do great things,
if only you had help to identify where to start first?

These are questions a lot of us ask ourselves and here is what I want to share with you …

What if I told you the Universe has already given you a MAP for your Lifes purpose.
Thats right what you incarnated to do in this world.
Your reason for being here.
What if I told you in that same MAP you can also identify your Life Lessons. Those “issues” you keep bumping up against over and over and over ….
And what if it could tell you the key to the “theme” of your life.
And what if I told you it has been right in front of you the WHOLE time
All you need to do is TRANSLATE what is already in YOUR HANDS !!!
Yes that’s right I said your hands, more importantly your FINGERPRINTS.

This is scientific HAND ANALYSIS – a NON-predictive way of showing you what your Soul already knows you came here to do.

3 Major things you will learn in a scientific Hand Analysis are:


Your Life School (there are 4 Life Schools): The four Schools of Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service are a recipe for good living: Peace in your body, wisdom in your mind, love in your heart and service in your spirit. YOUR specific Life School reveals the key or theme to your life, and you get plenty of opportunity to practice and get it right.


2. YOUR LIFES LESSONS (or blind spot)

this is where you tend to get stuck repeatedly, the drama will vary but the underlying theme is the same. By shining your light of consciousness on your life lesson it is greatly disempowered, and you will be able to make a conscious decision to NOT let it stop you. A few examples of life lesson are feelings of victimization, guilt and fear of rejection.



the reason for your being, what you incarnated to experience in this lifetime

Are you ready to find out all of those – or more importantly what will you DO with all that information?

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you NOT to be?”

Marianne Williamson


Order yours now – Life Purpose package  $497
(other packages below)

In an hour long session you will learn your Life School, Life Lessons & Life Purpose along with any gift markings that may reveal themselves (only 10% of people have gift markings)

If you are ready to find out your Lifes Purpose then read on ……

Via a unique and simple technique called hand analysis (also known as scientific palmistry), you will discover Your unique Purpose is literally at your fingertips! Your hands reveal the secrets of your brilliance, beauty, and creativity in all of its glory.

You maybe asking,
Is A Life Purpose Session Right For Me?”

When I found my Lifes Purpose I felt immediately – EVERYONE will want to know this – BUT then I realised It requires a high level of commitment and a willingness to look deep inside Your Self.

A Purpose Session will probably benefit you if you are:

  1. Motivated to do whatever it takes (in integrity) to create what you desire
  2. Pro-active in taking action
  3. Committed to your fulfillment
  4. Open-minded and FLEXIBLE about change
  5. Able to keep your agreements to yourself and others
  6. Trusting of the process of life
  7. Able to take responsibility for your own successes and challenges (no blaming or excuses, please)
  8. Ready to step up and be aq LEADER in the realm of Your specific Purpose
  9. READY to investment in yourself and your journey

I’ll provide with care and grace the directions as revealed in your hands.
The journey is up to you.

During your Hand Analysis session

I will provide you with
3 key pieces of Information that remain unchanged for you during your lifetime as fingerprints never change. No two sets of prints are the same, even identical twins have different fingerprints.

I will describe your:

1. Life Purpose
2. Your Life Lesson
3. Your Life School

With these three key pieces of information, Your Life Purpose Blueprint, you will know what Your Purpose is meant to be in this lifetime, what key patterns are working to keep you blocked from realizing or fulfilling that purpose, and your most common training areas for overcoming challenges and finding contentment with Your Purpose. Having this complete awareness is the first step in moving one forward!

This is a systematic, repeatable, and non-predictive reading. However, I will also share any intuitive hits that I feel may add to the reading.

If you have any gift markers that indicate special talents, I will describe those that you should be utilizing and why.

The information in the hands is plentiful ! I can, therefore, tailor the reading to suit your questions, interests, and curiosities… so be sure to let me know those questions before the reading.

After your Hand Analysis reading

You will receive an email with a link to an MP3 audio file that you can play and/or download. That way you can review the material again later, as well as after some time has passed.

My Guarantee: I do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 24 hours of the session, so that you don’t feel a risk in making this investment in yourself.


“How Do I Get Started?”

So are you ready to start right now? Awesome !

You’ll receive which ever package you choose by phone or in person and a recording by mp3 (or cd) so you listen in the comfort of your own home or office.

It works like this:

  • Place your order by selecting which package fits with you on the link below
  • My office will send you a hand printing kit with instructions
  • In 5 to 10 minutes, voila! – your hand prints are done
  • You mail us the prints
  • You also write down any specific questions you may want to know
  • I set a date and time for your session after I receive your handprints back
  • I call you and or meet with you and then record the session
  • You receive an audio MP3 download and notes from your session
  • Discover Your Magical Purpose and how to make it a reality so you can shine !

Choose which package is right for you

Life School taster package  $97

If you are curious to see what Life School you really are, but not quite ready for the full session then this is for you. You will be sent a printing kit and then after we receive your prints back you will be emailed your Life School reading (done by Luanne) in an mp3 and report format. You can always upgrade to the FULL Life Purpose reading in the future (less your initial investment)


Life Purpose & follow up package 30 min $297

In an 30 minute session you will learn your Life School, Life Lessons & Life Purpose. Also available if you have already had a Hand Analysis session before and would like a follow up reading. This reading will be done in person or by phone.


Life Purpose package 60 min $497

In an hour long session you will learn your Life School, Life Lessons & Life Purpose along with any gift markings that may reveal themselves (only 10% of people have gift markings). This reading will be done in person or by phone.


Payment plans are available below 3 pay of $165.66 each fornight

You will receive your hand kit on first payment and your reading will be completed as soon as last payment made – click subscribe button for this option


Life Purpose COUPLES package  $897

For your partner and you in an hour long session each you will learn your Life School, Life Lessons & Life Purpose along with any gift markings that may reveal themselves (only 10% of people have gift markings). This reading will be done in person or by phone. What better way than to know each others Life Purpose and Lessons so you can now have clarity and support for each other.  Also a great package to share with a friend. (saving you $100)


Life Purpose & Business niche Package  $797

You receive everything in the Life Purpose package AND an extra hour with me finding out your business niche and how you can grow your business based on your Lifes Purpose.

Payment plans are available contact us through the contact us page